Conneaut Products

Corporate Values

Our insight into the future inspires, motivates and empowers our people to higher levels of perfection and security. Our ultimate company goal is to become a great LEAN organization reaching for higher levels of performance and customer satisfaction.


  • Value is defined by the ultimate customer and is only meaningful when the business meets the customer’s needs at a specific price at a specific time.
  • People are the most important resource in our business. They provide strength, intelligence and vitality in our organization.
  • Our products must be the best and satisfy our global customers.
  • Our customers are an important element in our business.


  • Be the best specialty yarn converter in the world.
  • Offer products at competitive prices and insure on-time deliveries.
  • Develop credibility and trust with employees, customers, and supply partners.
  • Maintain an effective, pleasant work environment.
  • Pursue continued professional growth.