Industrial Yarn Wood Reel Packaging Solutions

Welcome to Conneaut Industries, the unparalleled destination for specialty industrial yarns! With a legacy spanning over 90 years in the industry, Conneaut stands as a beacon of excellence in supplying premium textile yarns, including our meticulously crafted wood reels designed for optimum performance in Wire & Cable applications and Ignition Wire core products.

Our dedication to quality extends beyond the yarn itself to the packaging that houses it. Whether you’re embarking on a traditional manufacturing process or pioneering new innovations, Conneaut Industries offers an extensive array of packaging solutions tailored to meet your exact specifications.

Premium Wood Reel Packaging

Among our diverse range of packaging options, our high-capacity wood reels stand out as a testament to durability and reliability. Crafted with precision and engineered for seamless integration into your manufacturing processes, our wood reels provide the ideal foundation for your industrial yarn requirements.

Each wood reel is designed to accommodate high-capacity spooling, ensuring efficient material handling and streamlined operations. From start to finish, Conneaut Industries remains committed to delivering top-notch yarns packaged on high-capacity spools, facilitating uninterrupted production and maximizing productivity.

Wood Reel Packaging Applications

The choice of packaging depends on factors such as the type of yarn, the specific requirements of the manufacturing process, and the machinery used. Conneaut Industries offers wood reel packaging solutions tailored to the needs of various industrial yarn machines, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in yarn conversion processes.

Tube Type Size Common Application
Wood Reel 1.5″ Id x 14″ OD Filler, Wire Cabling
Wood Reel 1.5″ Id x 19″ OD Filler, Wire Cabling
Wood Reel 1.5″ Id x 24″ OD Filler, Wire Cabling

Experience Excellence in Every Package

Experience the difference with Conneaut Industries, where excellence in yarn conversion meets unmatched packaging solutions. Partner with us today and elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights of efficiency and performance. Your success is our priority, from the yarn to the package, and beyond.