Welcome to Conneaut Industries, the unrivaled hub for specialty industrial yarns! Our commitment to excellence extends even to the packaging of our premium textile yarns.

With over 90 years of industrial experience, Conneaut supplies textile yarns on various package types for a very wide range of processes.

Your package need may be for a legacy or a newly developed process. In each case Conneaut has a wide range of capabilities to meet your needs. In every product application our commitment is to deliver material on a package for seamless integration into your manufacturing processes.

Choose from a range of packaging types tailored to your specific needs, including; cardboard tubes, high-capacity wood reels, plastic serving spools, and plastic bobbins.

At Conneaut Industries, we not only deliver top-notch yarns but also ensure that the appropriate package is used for your process. Your success is our priority, right from the yarn to the package!

Common Package Types

Common packages used/stocked. Many other package types are available.

Tube Type Size Common Application
Cardboard 5/8"ID x 2-3/4" Braiding
Cardboard 5/8"ID x 4-1/4" Braiding
Cardboard 5/8"ID x 4-3/4" Braiding
Cardboard 5/8"ID x 5-1/4" Braiding
Cardboard 5/8"ID x 5-3/4" Braiding
Wood Reel 1.5" Id x 14" OD Filler, Wire Cabling
Wood Reel 1.5" Id x 19" OD Filler, Wire Cabling
Wood Reel 1.5" Id x 24" OD Filler, Wire Cabling
Plastic Serving 1.6" ID x 6" OD x 6" Trav Magnet Wire
Plastic Serving 1.6" ID x 6" OD x 3" Trav Magnet Wire
Plastic Spool 1.6" ID x 4-1/4" Long & 5-1/4" Long Braiding
8512 Bobbin 1.6" ID x 10.6" Tall x 4.3" Base Weaving / Knitting
8540 Bobbin 2.4" ID x 13.25" Tall x 6" Base Weaving / Knitting
8570 Bobbin 3.3" ID x 17" Tall x 7.7" Base Weaving / Cordage


Discover sustainable excellence with Conneaut Industries’ cardboard packaging for specialty industrial yarns. Our eco-friendly packaging ensures that our premium yarns reach you with care, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility. Experience the perfect blend of quality yarns and packaging designed for a greener, more sustainable future.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice

  • Cost-Effective

  • Lightweight and Efficient

  • Printability for Branding

Wood Reels

Experience tradition and reliability with Conneaut Industries’ wood reel packaging for specialty industrial yarns. Our classic wood reels not only evoke a sense of timeless craftsmanship but also ensure durability, safeguarding premium yarns during transit. Choose wood reels for a packaging solution that seamlessly blends tradition with the highest standards of quality and care.

  • Durability

  • Classic Aesthetic

  • Sustainability

  • Customization

Plastic Serving

Choose efficiency and resilience with Conneaut Industries’ plastic serving packaging for specialty industrial yarns. Our durable and versatile plastic serving spools ensure secure storage and transportation of premium yarns. Opt for this modern packaging solution to meet the demands of precision and reliability in your industrial applications.

  • Durability

  • Versatility

  • Lightweight

  • Moisture Resistance

  • Ease of Handling


Elevate precision with Conneaut Industries’ bobbin packaging for specialty industrial yarns. Our compact and efficient bobbins offer a streamlined solution for precise winding and storage, ensuring ease of use in manufacturing processes. Choose bobbins for a packaging option that optimizes efficiency and precision in every industrial application.

  • Precision Winding

  • Space Efficiency

  • Cost-Effective

  • Ease of Use

  • Reduced Waste