Welcome to the forefront of innovation with the Leading Supplier of Specialty Industrial Yarns! Our premium yarns redefine versatility, finding their place in many product applications across industries. From aerospace to automotive, medical devices to telecommunications, our meticulously sourced yarns provide the foundation for products that demand exceptional strength, durability, and performance. With a commitment to quality and a history of excellence, we empower businesses to create products that exceed expectations. Explore the limitless possibilities with our specialty industrial yarns and elevate your creations to new heights of success.

Winding/Braiding Applications

Experience winding perfection with Conneaut Industries specialty industrial yarns. Our premium yarns are sourced to deliver flawless braiding processing, ensuring uniformity, strength, and reliability. Elevate your braiding applications across industries with precision braider packages that set the standard for excellence. Trust in our expertise to redefine your precision winding experience.

  • Precision Wound Braider Packages
  • Untwisted and Twisted-Plied Input

  • Magnet Wire PolyGlass

  • Parallel Wound Braider Packages

Twist & Ply Applications

Discover the art of superior twist and ply with Conneaut Industries specialty industrial yarns. Our experience across all types of fiber in twist and ply processes offers consistency, and customization possibilities. Redefine your standards with us.

  • Twist & Ply Fiberglass Yarns
  • Twisted Polyester
  • Twisted Aramids
  • Twisted Natural Fibers

Cordage/Filler Applications

Elevate your cordage and filler solutions with Conneaut Industries specialty industrial yarns. From heavy-duty industrial applications to intricate designs, trust our products to meet and exceed your expectations for cordage and filler across diverse industries.

  • High Twist Cordage and Filler
  • Low Twist Cordage and Filler

Ripcord Applications

Experience unparalleled precision ripcords with Conneaut Industries specialty industrial yarns. Our advanced yarns are engineered to enhance tear-out functionality in cables. Trust our yarns to redefine ripcord efficiency, offering reliability and strength across industries. Elevate your products with our ripcord solutions today.

  • Aramid Ripcord
  • Polyester Ripcord