1. What is the minimum quantity I can purchase?
    • Conneaut process capabilities are very flexible in meeting small quantities for trials / validations or small production needs.
  2. What are your standard credit terms?
    • Standard Terms are Net 30 days.
  3. What is the largest yarn package you produce?
    • Depending on the fiber being requested and the process need we have a full array of tubes, bobbins and reels to meet your processing requirements.
  4. How many yarn ends can you wind?
    • Depends on the yield of the fiber and tube type. Typically, cardboard tubes can accommodate up to 6 ends, plastic serving spool with parallel wind up to 32 ends
  5. What Textiles Yarns do you carry?
    • Common yarns include; Fiberglass (E-glass & S2-glass), Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, PolyGlass and Aramid
    • Less common are UHMPE, PTFE, Nomex
  6. Do you need a specific fiber characteristic?
    • High Tensile
    • High Modulus
    • High Temperature resistance
    • Water Blocking
    • High or Low Denier
    • Yarn build up

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